Wim Comello, Director

Anything leaving these premises must be of the highest quality and delivered on time

‘Precast concrete is becoming ever more popular. After all, it delivers savings during construction and complies quicker with requirements such as CUR Recommendation 100. Client satisfaction is the best advertisement there is. That is why we aim to ensure that anything leaving these premises is of the highest quality and is delivered on time. This mind set must be ingrained in everyone, every single day.
It starts with the Account Manager coming to good agreements during the sale of our products. He must make sure there is proper coordination with the client and records all the agreements in a clear manner. This prevents any possible confusion later on in the construction process.
But we are only really satisfied if our clients say that they are.

We also want to be a leader, be innovative. We never want to be behind the curve, but be the one introducing new products and applications before any other. This is only possible by listening carefully to the questions and issues of our clients. This is how we have been able to develop the hollow piles and extremely long beams, for instance. One of the next steps is the production of extremely strong concrete which mainly offers options for lower construction heights and long beams. We are fully engaged in these types of future-orientated solutions so that our customers can continue to realise their goals.’