Haitsma Beton's precast products have found their way into countless constructions.

Precast products by Haitsma Beton have found their way into countless constructions. Drawing on more than a century of expertise, our firm is a factor of stability in the fields of construction and infrastructure, both in the Netherlands and surrounding countries. We attribute this position, above all, to our pioneering spirit and our customer-oriented philosophy and delivery. And because so many clients place their trust in us, we are able to contribute significantly to a sustainable and safe living environment.

Made-to-measure products of stature

Based in the Dutch province of Friesland, Haitsma Beton was founded by Jurjen Haitsma in 1905. Since then, the firm’s activities have expanded exponentially. The company now specialises in the design and production of  top-quality precast concrete elements, barriers and piles. We supply made-to-measure products, including large and heavy elements in non-standard shapes. Our products are employed in the construction of bridges, viaducts, stadiums, car-parks, buildings and roads. No challenge is too great for Haitsma Beton.

Design-and-construct contracts

Haitsma Beton is a full-service precast concrete supplier. In addition to manufacturing concrete elements, we also supply all requisite engineering. We also act as (construction) adviser and supply all requisite transport and assembly. We enjoy working in intensive cooperation with other construction partners and, increasingly often, work on a design-and-construct contract basis, a comprehensive approach which enables us to guarantee optimum conditions for both the design and execution of your project.

Dynamic organisation

Haitsma Beton employs around 120 personnel. Our no-nonsense approach and horizontal organisational structure make it possible for us to supply rapidly and promptly. To be consistently able to produce quality products, we place great emphasis on employing involved, highly-skilled personnel who always meet deadlines and like working together toward finding solutions. Which is why we like to invest in both the training and supervision of our employees.

Modern production facilities

Haitsma Beton has its own concrete production centre with six production halls, featuring modern equipment and a high hoisting capacity. Our 90-metre tensioning device makes it possible to produce extremely long pre-stressed beams. A number of our production systems were recently updated, permitting us to produce with greater rapidity and efficiency, as well as in a cleaner, more energy-efficient and personnel-friendly manner. In addition, Haitsma uses self-compacting concrete (SCC) for all of its products and is able to satisfy completely all relevant aesthetic requirements. Thanks to our own dock, uniquely situated on the Prinses Margrietkanaal, transport via water, generally the more lucrative and environmentally friendly transport option, is always available.

Quality guarantee

To guarantee the quality of its processes and products, Haitsma Beton employs a strict quality assurance system. We carry out checks during each phase of a project, from preliminary calculations all the way to post-delivery. All relevant aspects of production are tested for compliance with requirements, viz.: raw materials, moulds, coverage, reinforcement, concrete technology, surface structure and the finished product. The completeness of our quality assurance system is reflected in our ISO 9001 certificate as well as the certification which applies to all our products and services.



Technological innovation

Haitsma Beton is an active player in the precast concrete market. Our insistence on innovation has contributed substantially to our identity: it has always been and continues to be, our aim to lead in the field of development. We never stop developing new and better products and processes, in order to accommodate changing market needs, to comply with new legislation and regulations and to take advantage of new technological insights. Time and again, this pioneer spirit has resulted in trend-setting innovations from Haitsma Beton, such as the following:

  • Haitsma Beton was the first producer in the Netherlands of precast concrete to employ self-compacting concrete in all its products;
  • the longest concrete beams in the Netherlands (a span of nearly 60 m) for the bridge over the Van Starkenborghkanaal;
  • the hollow pile (Hailight®), made of self-compacting concrete. Through its light-weight construction, this innovation makes possible not only a reduction in the amount of material used, but as well, in transport and crane costs (lighter piling frame);
  • the integrated sound shield (Sound Safe System) which combines safety for road users with an enormous noise reduction to 4 dB (A) for neighbourhood residents;
  • the modular, dismountable car-park, made possible by TT plates;
  • the first fully tested and approved barrier transition (from cast in place to precast), compliant with European Norm EN 1317-4: a first in traffic safety.

Socially responsible

With regard to both people and the environment, Haitsma Beton works in a responsible manner. Our objective is always to produce and transport (including by ship) in a manner as clean and energy-economic as possible (including water recycling). Another of our primary objectives is maintaining safe and healthy working conditions for our employees each and every day. Haitsma Beton regards sustainability as one of the fundaments of its longevity as a company.

If you have a project involving precast-concrete construction, you can rely upon Haitsma Beton to carry it out!

Haitsma Beton supplies the following precast products:

  • piles (all dimensions and lengths; quick delivery, including by ship, if desired);
  • barriers (largest production capacity in the Netherlands; also: transition constructions);
  • bridges and viaducts (ranging from small to large, including arcuated);
  • stadiums and grandstands (ranging from small to large);
  • car-parks (including modular);
  • specialities: elements with a non-standard shape and/or height/weight.


Wim Comello

Client satisfaction is the best advertisement there is. That is why we aim to ensure that anything leaving these premises is of the highest quality and is delivered on time. Anything leaving these premises must be of the highest quality and delivered on time. ‘Precast concrete is becoming ever more popular. After all, it delivers savings during construction and complies quicker with requirements such as CUR Recommendation 100. Client satisfaction is the best advertisement there is. That is why we aim to ensure that anything leaving these premises is of the highest quality and is delivered on time. This mind set must be ingrained in everyone, every single day. It starts with the Account Manager coming to good agreements during the sale of our products. He must make sure there is proper coordination with the client and records all the agreements in a clear manner. This prevents any possible confusion later on in the construction process. But we are only really satisfied if our clients say that they are. We also want to be a leader, be innovative. We never want to be behind the curve, but be the one introducing new products and applications before any other. This is only possible by listening carefully to the questions and issues of our clients. This is how we have been able to develop the hollow piles and extremely long beams, for instance. One of the next steps is the production of extremely strong concrete which mainly offers options for lower construction heights and long beams. We are fully engaged in these types of future-orientated solutions so that our customers can continue to realise their goals.’