HIP beam

The alternative for duct beams.

HIP - Haitsma I profile

The HIP beam is an I-profile beam that has been especially developed by Haitsma Beton for the civil-engineering market. Thanks to these beams, clients are able to build slim concrete precast bridges and viaducts more quickly and easily.

The beams, developed in-house by Haitsma Beton, have a number of advantages. Both crosswise restressing and wet connections can be applied. In addition, the larger HIP beams are even more light-weight than duct beams. This means a lighter, slimmer, and thereby more economical substructure can be used. Moreover, HIP beams are relatively simply and speedily produced. In short, HIP beams provide a more economical alternative to the regular duct beams. 


Specifications HIP beam

Span between 35 and 45 metres
Standard width 1480 mm
Working width 1500 mm
Arch bridge possible no
Compression layer required no
Construction statically determined
Fanning decks possible yes
Support materials support blocks