HKO beam

The HKO beam is a mix of precast and pouring in situ. It is by far the most popular beam used in civil-engineering projects.

This beam is the most economical solution we can offer our clients. A minimum quantity of precast concrete is combined with maximum work done on location. When clients choose for our HKO beam poured in situ, they benefit from all the advantages of precast concrete, such as casing and reinforcement, yet are able to reduce costs to a minimum by having the remainder of the construction cast on location.

It saves a lot of time as well. In addition to the supporting carrier, Haitsma Beton will also provide all calculations for the entire deck. This way, the contractor is guaranteed top quality for the entire construction. HKO beams poured in situ are widely applied. Examples are large and small traffic bridges, quays, subterranean parking garages, and overpasses such as pedestrian tunnels in train stations. For an attractive finishing of the bridge, we offer various precast edges.


Specifications HKO beam

Span between 7 and 18 metres
Standard width 990 mm
Working width 1000 mm
Arch bridge possible yes, thanks to prestressing
Compression layer required  
Construction statically determined & statically undetermined
Maximum crossing angle 50°
Fanning decks possible yes
Support materials mortar bed, neoprene support strip, support blocks