HGKO beam

The HGKO beam is the arched version of the HKO beam.

All benefits of the HKO beam also apply to the arched version. In developing this beam, Haitsma Beton fulfilled the demand for aesthetic beams, broadening the architect’s design scope.

Thanks to HGKO beams, traffic bridges can be given an attractive design, while still being economically constructed. Like the HKO beam, the HGKO beam may also be provided with a precast edge.

Specifications HGKO beam

Span between 7 and 17 metres
Standard width 990 mm
Working width 1000 mm
Arch bridge possible yes
Compression layer required yes
Construction statically determined & statically undetermined
Maximum crossing angle none
Fanning decks possible no
Support materials mortar bed, neoprene support strip, support blocks