HKP beam

Haitsma Beton is the leading manufacturer of the largest and heaviest bridge beams available in the Netherlands.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities allow designers to make major breakthroughs in the building of large bridges. We manufacture duct profiles of up to 70 metres in length, weighing 280 tons. Thanks to our new production facilities, we were able to expand on our technological capabilities with regard to the manufacture of very large and heavy beams. For example, it is now possible to leave out intermediate pillars, thereby saving space and time. An ideal solution to increase capacity as well as safety where busy traffic routes are concerned. In addition, wider passages are provided in canals and rivers. To reduce the weight of the beams themselves, we create ‘hollow’ space by incorporating polystyrene blocks. This production method allows the beams to be poured in one go, avoiding a seam. A homogeneously constructed duct beam is a far more attractive one. The bridge deck of duct beams is restressed in cross direction; no compression layer is required. Thanks to the crosswise restressing, the load is distributed in an optimum way. When duct beams are used for a bridge, it is possible to apply a bevelled edge beam, giving the bridge a slimmer appearance. 

Specifications HKP beam

Span between 16 and 70 metres
Standard width 1480/1980 mm
Working width 1500/2000 mm
Arch bridge possible very limited
Compression layer required no, complete deck
Construction statically determined & statically undetermined
Maximum crossing angle 30° greater in consultation
Fanning decks possible limited
Support materials support blocks