BA barrier

The BA barrier is our 'standard' precast barrier.

We have tested this barrier full-scale according to European standards, in which all important aspects regarding vehicle guidance have been laid down in detail.

To be able to meet all requirements, we did a lot of research ourselves. In addition, we developed our own test methods before having any tests performed by the certifying bodies. That is why we are confident in stating that we are a true ‘barrier specialist'.

H2 level

The BA barrier meets the so-called H2 level. This means that both buses and cars, when hitting the BA barrier at a certain angle, at a speed of up to a specified value, will be turned.  

BA elements

Type Description Dimensions
nBA-01 Standard element 6000 mm
nBA-02 End piece 3600 mm
nBA-03 Solid element 6000 mm
BA-03T Stepped element 6000 mm
BA-04 Transition guide rail 2800 mm
nBA-11 Barrier with fencing 6000 mm
nBA-01P3000 Fitting element 3000 mm
LMO-TSA Lighting-mast solution 2040 mm