Specialities: Customised precast concrete

In addition to a range of standard products, Haitsma Beton also manufactures a large number of elements according to customer-specific requirements.

These concern a wide variety of elements, for example for shore protection, ditch bottoms, and natural beams and columns for various constructions. 

The core of the approach is similar to that used in industrial construction. It is all about customisation; each project and concrete element is unique. Each construction project therefore poses a technological challenge. Haitsma Beton has all necessary expertise to meet any demand, no matter how complex.


In addition to manufacturing, we will also take care of the engineering (according to Criteria 73), construction advice, transport, and mounting. Communication among various disciplines will therefore be fast, direct, and thoroughly transparent. Preparation, engineering, and execution - all under one roof, enabling us to foresee production possibilities as early as the engineering stages.

If you choose Haitsma Beton as your total supplier of precast, you will realise your concrete constructions more quickly than by pouring them straight into the works.