HKV beam

The wing bridge comprises a visually slim deck, which is achieved by cleverly incorporating a floating bevelled edge.

The visual quality of bridges and viaducts is becoming increasingly important. Many designers and clients prefer a slim appearance of traffic bridges. The wing bridge is a fine example. 

For these bridges, Haitsma Beton has been manufacturing the HKV beam, which gives the wing bridge its characteristic look. The overhang, where the outer beams are not resting on the abutment, can be twice the beam width - giving the bridge its optical floating appearance and slim look.

Specifications HKV beam

Span between 18 and 40 metres
Standard width 1480 mm
Working width 1500 mm
Arch bridge possible no
Compression layer required no, complete deck
Construction statically determined
Maximum crossing angle 30° greater in consultation
Fanning decks possible no
Support materials support blocks
Remarks overhangs up to 2x beam width 
construction height tapering across deck width