Foundations, technique


Strength classes C45/55, C55/67
Mixture Portlandcement (42,5 R en 52,5 R with fly ash (self-compacting concrete). Haitsma Beton has a suitable mixture for all environmental classes. The standard piles meet all environmental classes, with the exception of XS3, XF4, XA2, XA3.



Prestressed reinforcement tendons 7-wire tendons round 6.9 mm, round 9.3 mm or round 12.9 mm - Y1860. The usual prestressing value is between 2 and 5 N/mm2.
Spiral reinforcement Wire rods round 5 mm. Standard piles are only provided with spiral reinforcement at the heads and tips. Piles from 220x220 mm are also available with spiral reinforcement along their full lengths.



Head reinforcement Piles can be provided with head reinforcement to be able to absorb tensile forces and bending moments.
Ribs Piles can be provided with internal ribs to improve bonding of underwater concrete or to be used as vibro-combination piles.
Earth rod Ø12, Ø16, Ø20 FeB 500hwl
Test wire To check for cracks after driving.
Jet pipe If heavy pile driving is expected, this jet pipe will allow for easier driving through hard soil layers.