HGKP beam

HGKP Haitsma curved duct profile

The principles of this beam are similar to those of the regular duct beam. To meet the visual requirements of the road design, these beams are curved horizontally. The smooth lines result in an attractive appearance.

Points of attention include radius and weight. Too small a radius may result in the risk of the duct beam tipping over, necessitating expensive anti-tilting provisions. This may partly be solved by broadening the precast elements to make sure the centre of gravity falls within the precast element. Please contact us if you need your specific design customised.

Specifications HGKP beam

Span between 25 and +40 metres
Standard width 1480 / 1980 mm
Working width 1500 / 2000 mm
Arch bridge possible no
Compression layer required no, complete deck
Construction statically determined & statically undetermined (Gerber beam)
Maximum crossing angle 60°
Fanning decks possible no
Support materials support blocks
Remarks minimum arch radius approx. 200 metres