Industrial construction

Industrial construction projects have greater exposure to risk, due to the particularly high time and quality requirements they involve. For this reason, it is a priority of contractors to have sufficient guarantees that both planning and quality will be attained. Haitsma Beton, the one-stop supplier of prefab concrete, satisfies those needs – regardless how complex your project is.

Time requirements are always great in the industrial construction field, amongst other reasons, because starting points for projects are subject to change. The prospects of large bonuses or fines, respectively, ensure that contractors keep their construction processes under strict control, without sacrificing quality.

High quality

Building with prefab concrete is eminently suited to guarantee both execution and quality of the structures; in contrast with in-situ pouring, prefab elements are manufactured in controlled environments. This improves the technical attainment of high quality requirements (e.g., size tolerances) and makes it possible to identify and solve technical complications at the earliest possible moment. As part of our quality system, customers are able to monitor the progress and quality aspects of their products online. Good planning is good forecasting. It eliminates unnecessary surprises and makes it possible, during execution, to make any corrections needed, thus saving costly time with prefab quality.

Quick and profitable

Industrial construction means working to measure, as every project and every concrete element is unique. This makes realising industrial construction projects a constant technical and logistic challenge. Haitsma Beton has all requisite expertise ‘under one roof’ for realising any complex industrial construction order. 

In addition to manufacturing elements, we supply the requisite engineering (in accordance with Criterion 73), construction advice, transport and assembly. This in turn makes communication amongst the various disciplines both rapid and direct, and free of friction. Preparation, engineering and execution are all in the same hands; possible consequences in later phases can continuously be anticipated, so that production-technical possibilities already can be planned for in the engineering stage. With Haitsma Beton as your one-stop prefab supplier, you will be able to realise all your concrete construction projects more quickly and efficiently, by eliminating the need for in-situ pouring.

Every size and weight

Even unusually large elements can be produced and hoisted by Haitsma Beton. Due to our enormous capacity, size and weight are no longer a limitation. Further, as we have our own harbour basin (on the Prinses Margriet Canal), we are also able to supply transport over water, normally more lucrative and environmentally friendly than road transport. By ship, we are able to deliver large items at once, making fewer transport movements (with all the risks they imply) necessary, whilst at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. Your budget, planning and environmental targets all benefit.

Good references

Increasingly, industrial contractors are opting for prefab by Haitsma Beton. Our expertise and products  are in use in projects both in the Netherlands and abroad, e.g., the Ems seaport, at the Maasvlakte (Rotterdam) and on the Isle of Grain (southeast England). Further details concerning current reference projects can be found on our website under 'Project'.