Precast driven piles

Optimum foundations using precast driven piles

Are you looking for the most economical and reliable foundation method? If so, the prestressed precast driven piles by Haitsma Beton will prove the ultimate solution. Especially if you require large diameters and special types of driven piles. We develop, engineer, manufacture and transport our driven piles according to our own expertise and experience. Every professional pile-driving contractor will be able to benefit from this.

Highest quality - from design to delivery

Haitsma Beton provides high-quality driven piles - from design up to the delivery at any construction site. If desired, we will transport your driven piles by ship from our own dock. This way, you will save costs while looking after the environment at the same time.

For each situation, our engineers will calculate the optimum driven pile, according to Criteria 73. They keep in mind your most complex wishes and requirements regarding a great number of aspects, including concrete strength, and prestressing and durability, thus creating optimum solutions. Every time.

To guarantee the high quality of all products, Haitsma Beton observes a strict quality-assurance system. This integrated quality system is reflected by our ISO-9001 certificate and our KOMO attest-with-product certificates. And we are very transparent regarding our performance: you may always view your order status online via our quality-registration system (compression strength, production date, etc.). What you see is what you get.

Haitsma Beton also manufactures other precast elements, such as pillars and beams. Therefore, if you need any precast concrete, you need look no further. This will prove highly efficient - further enhanced by our short communication lines. You will save time as well as money.


Products and innovations

Haitsma Beton is specialised in driven piles with large diameters (square 29 and more). Thanks to our vast production capacity, we are able to manufacture large numbers of driven piles within a very short period of time. Thanks to our versatile moulds, we are able to realise any desired diameter simply and fast. All driven piles are manufactured using self-compacting concrete, enabling an optimum compaction of the concrete mixture.

The closely monitored production conditions will ensure that our precast driven piles are the most economical and reliable foundation method available. No surprises. They have the best price-performance ratio of all types of piles.

As a pioneer in precast we also develop and manufacture special types of driven piles. The coupled pile, for example, which comprises two pile parts with a cast-in-situ steel bayonet coupling, will prove ideal in building locations that are tight and poorly accessible or when long driven piles or a heavy driving installation are not possible. Our Hailight® pile is a hollow driven pile that is 30 percent lighter than a solid one while offering similar constructive qualities. Because we use less concrete for piles of the same diameter, we are able to reduce their weight as well as transport and crane costs. This results in environmental, logistic and financial advantages. If desired, we can provide our driven piles with, for example, internal or external ribs. Whatever your foundation needs, we will help you come up with a solution. Feel free to contact us about the possibilities.