Hollow driven pile saves costs and spares the environment

Haitsma Beton has developed an innovative product called the Hailight. This hollow driven pile, made of self-compacting concrete, is 30 percent lighter than the regular solid one while offering similar constructive qualities. By using less concrete for the same pile, Haitsma Beton is able to reduce its weight as well as transport and crane costs. As a result, our clients can use more light-weight pile-driving installations, which will save them up to 20 percent in realisation costs. The range of application of the now lighter - hollow - inclined piles in particular, is increasing. The hollow driven pile manufactured by Haitsma Beton was first used for the construction of the N210. A first in the Netherlands. The Hailight is available in square 35, 38, 40, 42, 45 and 50.

A first in the Netherlands

The provincial road between Krimpen aan den IJssel and Bergambacht was constructed by Ballast Nedam Infra. The old N210 was used as the transport route. However, because of the heavy construction traffic, the old road tended to subside. That is why road authority the Province of Zuid-Holland decided to keep off equipment over 50 tons. As a result, the 80-ton pile-driving installation that was envisaged could not be used and the construction company was forced to find an alternative. And that is when they came across the hollow driven pile by Haitsma Beton. It guaranteed the progress of the building process. Using a 50-ton pile-driving installation, the hollow driven piles for the N210 project were installed on sub-projects where heavy driven piles were required, but where a heavier pile-driving installation was barred. The final phase was delivered in 2010.



Innovative concept

The hollow driven pile is an innovative concept by Haitsma Beton. This precast product was marketed by the name of Hailight. The Hailight is manufactured from self-compacting concrete and has a solid head and tip with a length of 1.5 metres. Because in the Hailight less concrete is present in the hollow part of the driven pile, the residual prestress is higher here, resulting in a pile that is more rigid than a completely solid one. 

The Hailight will provide substantial benefits in several ways: environmentally, logistically, and financially. Because 30 percent less raw material (sand, gravel, cement) is used, this is an additional ecological advantage. And because of the weight reduction, less environmentally damaging road transport is needed. Moreover, clients are able to save up to twenty percent on their realisation costs, because they are able to use a more light-weight pile-driving installation. Haitsma Beton sees many opportunities to apply the promising Hailight concept on a broad scale in the Netherlands.