HTP beam

HTP beams are used in bridges that will not have a heavy traffic load and where the available construction height is ample.

Because the beams are placed on a relatively narrow underside, they may easily tilt. The HTP beams cannot absorb any collision load; therefore, they are not suitable for use in places where there is a collision risk. 

The HTP beam is suitable for slim constructions that meet the above-mentioned conditions. Various types of HTR beams may be used as an end profile to provide an attractive finishing.

Specifications HTP beam

Span between 10 and 37 metres
Standard width 600 tot 1800 mm
Working width 600 tot 1800 mm
Arch bridge possible limited
Compression layer required yes
Construction statically determined
Maximum crossing angle 40-45°
Fanning decks possible yes
Support materials support blocks, neoprene support strip, support blocks