HBM beam

The HBM solid arched beam is ideal for hiding pipelines and cables.

If you could take a look underground, you would come across an intricate infrastructure of pipelines and cables. Maintenance to these arteries is characterised by the typical workman’s tents you can see in the streets. Engineers need access to these pipelines, for example to solve problems with city heating. To ensure that this is also possible in case of crossings, a bridge made of HBM beams can be applied. HBM beams are used to construct a prestressed arched bridge. 

Pipelines and cables can be laid inside the poured HBM beam. Alternatively, these cables can be laid in widened joints, in-between the elements. This is considerably more economical than laying them underground. Moreover, engineers are able to more easily access cables and pipelines to solve any problems. The HBM beam is suitable for an arched bridge with a span of between 10 and 16 metres.

Specifications HBM beam

Span between 10 and 16 metres
Standard width 1180 mm
Working width 1200-1350 mm
Arch bridge possible yes
Compression layer required yes
Construction statically determined
Maximum crossing angle 70°
Fanning decks possible no, maximum joint is approx. 350 mm
Support materials support blocks