Multi-storey carparks

Realisation of multi-storey carparks increasingly forms part of an integrated traffic policy, which includes the inter-relationship of aspects such as location, capacity, rates and average parking duration. Haitsma Beton is able to realise optimum parking concepts owing to its detailed process of inventorying all variables which could have an effect on the design in question. Our approach to the design places safe and efficient handling of traffic at the centre of attention.

Comprehensive approach

Today, multi-storey carpark construction is characterised by an increasing requirement for expertise, and for close cooperation amongst the members of the construction team. With its specialised know-how and integrated approach to project management Haitsma Beton ensures, throughout the construction trajectory from preliminary discussions all the way to completion, that this requirement is met. As a building partner, we begin consultations with the client in the initial phase. We also provide advice relating to routing and safety, with efficient traffic management and good ventilation as top priorities. 

We employ intelligent solutions to deal with any problems that may arise. In addition, we are flexible when it comes to assembly and transport, so that the entire construction process can proceed unhindered. Further, our periodic reports provide insight into the progress, quality and costs of your project.

Made-to-order – and affordable

Using TT-slabs enables Haitsma Beton to guarantee an excellent price/quality ratio for your carpark. With these elements, we are able to realise sturdy but light constructions in a flexible manner, regardless of design. Further, the rapid assembly of these standard slabs ensures that the construction process will be short in duration. The result: functional buildings with aesthetic added value.

Regardless how complex your parking problem is, we always relish the challenge!